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As Aussie kids wind down the end of their school holidays, the sales and promotions begin for parents to purchase new gear for the academic year ahead. While primary and high school resume dates differ slightly, most institutions start day one virtually together. Back to School sales are generally seen multiple times a year and take place at the end of each school vacation period. The most significant of Back to School sales are the January events, as kids embark on brand new paths, navigate new schools and start new grades. It's the ultimate chance for parents to deck the kids out with everything they need for a confident and equipped new year at discounted prices.

Back to School sales begin around the 15th of January just a meer few days before kids stride into a new term. Catalogues are usually released about a week prior, with the biggest deals and offers lasting just a single week. Smaller sales are held throughout the year and although similar, the January events are by far the most significant. Aussie families love their kids beginning the new year and at new schools fresh and ready to study, achieve and excel. With plenty of parents on holiday simultaneously over the Back to School sales, the event coincides perfectly to get shopping for those kids and teens done as smoothly as possible and for less!

School kids themselves oftentimes best know what they need and want for the new semester. Families generally flock to shopping centers through mid-January following a tedious catalog study session picking up everything in one go where possible. School kids will often write out wish lists, discussing the possibilities with their parents and jotting down where those related big deals are around town. Retailers gear up for the pre-term rush by offering exclusive deals and attractive promotions on everything from uniforms to stationery. Children and teenagers aren't easily pleased, so shopping is mostly always enjoyed together to ensure everyone receives exactly what they're after.
High schoolers require a little extra budgeting with big deals on smart devices, phones, and laptops being the most desired. Primary school kids are generally intrigued by offers and deals on things like new pencil cases, backpacks, and stationery. With kids also looking to keep up with everchanging trends, compulsory uniforms also tend to adopt a few sneaky modifications or extras like hats and shoes. Aussie high schoolers in particular enjoy attempting to 'lose' the uniform look by styling themselves with cool or trendy clothing and accessories. Sometimes school kids will organize a day out to hit the Back to School sales with their friends, buying similar essentials as each other so no one feels left out come day one of the new school year!

Mums and Dads out there will be scrambling for the best deals on stationery, uniforms, quality shoes, exercise books, and more backpack-filling goodies for their kids. Older teens will be shopping around for promotions on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Smaller components like headphones, power banks, and Bluetooth speakers are also highly sought after. Sometimes home-study-related items are purchased too including bedroom desks, chairs, lighting equipment, and organizational shelving for study nooks and homework areas. Parents can even find deals on stationery for their own offices and workplaces, taking full advantage of the Back to School sales to benefit the whole family!

Department stores nationwide will have Back to School sales running all week starting January 15th. Stores like Officeworks, Kmart, Big W, and Target all pledge their best offers in competition with one another. JB Hi-Fi is flat out every Back to School season keeping up with the demand for the latest school-related tech stuff too. Payless Shoes, The Athletes Foot, and many 'surf shops' have massive discounts on popular, brand-name shoes and backpacks. Lowes is also one of Australia's most trusted retailers for quality-made, authentic Aussie school uniforms.

Most popular catalogues

Most popular catalogues

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