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  • Tesco Olive Oil only $2.80
  • Modular Storage Container 1L only $4
  • Heavy Duty Storage Tub 55Ll only $14
  • Mini Science Kit only $3
  • Paint By Numbers only $10
  • Bath Towel Blush 68x135cm only $6
  • Bathmat Set Blush 2pc only $14
  • Large Plastic Storage Boxl only $7
  • 16 Pocket Hanging Organiser  only $8
  • Clear Storage Box with Lid 10L 6pk only $22
  • Kids Diamond Art  only $5

 and many more.

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The Reject Shop is a chain of stores located in Australia; they sell a range of goods such as snacks, food, party, health and beauty aids, gift cards, storage, kitchenware, cleaning supplies, homewares, and other seasonal items. They also sell products from high-quality Australian brands such as L’Oreal, Pepsi, Cadbury, Nivea, Dynamo, Finish, Carmen’s, and Omo.
The Reject Shop is a locally owned public company; they get their revenue from selling discount variety of merchandise. They have up to 5,600 employees working in their chain of 357 stores that can be found all over Australia except in the Northern Territory. They have their administered head office in Kensington, Victoria.


The first Reject store was open in 1981 in Melbourne Suburb of South Yarra by founders Ron Hall and John Shuster. The shop was sold out in seconds and thus discontinued lines that led to “the Reject Shop.”
In 1994, the retail chain had the Macquarie Bank as the majority owner, but it was floated on the Australian stock exchange later in June 2004, when the bank decided to let go of its shares. It was successful, and the company tripled in size after two years of going public. In October 2013, the store surpassed the 300 store milestone.
After the ending of the financial year in June 2020, the company increased its sales to surpass AUD$820m. later on, in September 2020, they partnered with British chain Tesco to offer the best lowest prices and ensure that they offer their customers the lowest prices. In November 2020, they partnered with DoorDash in order to make it easier for their shoppers to save even more money by providing them with a home delivery service for essential staple items.


The Reject shop makes its profit from the sales of cosmetics, homewares, toiletries, hardware, personal care products, snack food, basic furniture, confectionery, and other items. At the Reject shop, there are a variety of products available to our customers, and we ensure we provide the best possible rates and services. We have branded outlets all over Australia that will provide whatever you need. You can also check the website for the available products along with promotions you might like.


The Reject shop recently announced a partnership with Tesco and DoorDash in order to provide customers with the best prices and online same-day delivery and pickup on a selection of essential products that include snacks, garden, grocery, pet care, cleaning, partyware, toiletries, and other items.

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At the Reject store, we offer the best products at the best prices; we are always looking for ways to make things easier and more affordable for our customers. The Reject Shop has become a household name in Australia, and we are known for providing our customers with great value on simple items. We will continue to help Australians save money by continuing to offer them the best rates ever. Walk into any of our stores, and our employees will be more than happy to help you with whatever you need.

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