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Check the current Mitre10 online Weekly Catalogue and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Catalogue!

This week's best offers:

  • Yard Force Lawn Mower 127cc 16" only $199.00
  • Garage Select 4 Shelf Boltless Garage Storage Unit Twin Pack only $85.00
  • Faulkner 2 Door 4 Shelf Cabinet 800mm only $169.00
  • Slurrytub Biodegradable Filter - 6 Pack only $49.00
  • HiKOKI 1150W SDS Max Brushless Demolition Hammer 7.3kg only $969.00
  • Greenleaf Antique Look Garden Mirror only $119.00
  • Patio Pond Water Feature Charcoal only $349.95
  • Tornado Pond Conditioning Block 20g only $9.80
  • Companion Gas Cylinder LH Thread 3/8" only $47.99
  • Heat Beads Smoking Wood Chips 900g only $14.99
  • Sabco Ceiling Fan And Cobweb Broom only $27.95

 and many more.

Now, you can find all weekly sales and catalogues in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Mitre10 Weekly Catalogue online.

Mitre10 Promotional catalogues

Promotional catalogues

Catalogue Mitre10 16.08.2023 - 03.09.2023
Mitre10 - Father's Day 2023
16 Aug, 2023 - 3 Sep, 2023
Catalogue Mitre10 24.07.2023 - 07.08.2023
24 Jul, 2023 - 7 Aug, 2023
Catalogue Mitre10 12.07.2023 - 23.07.2023
12 Jul, 2023 - 23 Jul, 2023
Catalogue Mitre10 07.06.2023 - 30.06.2023
7 Jun, 2023 - 30 Jun, 2023

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Mitre10 - Store

Mitre 10 is an Australian company that engages in the retail sales and trade of different building materials. as a result of the company's diversity, Mitre 10 is also referred to as Mitre joint. The entire system is based on a unified system in which the store owners are members of a national group with voting rights. Established in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Mitre 10 has more than 60 years of delivering quality building materials to the Australian people. We also have more than 350 locations offering you the best deals in purchasing timber, paint, hand and power tools, kitchen and bathroom, Garden and Outdoor products, Farm Fencing products, and Trade and Retail Plumbing.

Mitre10 - History

Mitre 10 was founded in 1959 by 7 men who were owners of hardware stores, such as Tom Molomby, Tom Danger, Reg Buchanan, Ian Nisbet, Bill Davey, Jack Womersley and Bill Wilson. The organisation was formed to maximise their energy, and funds should advertise and promote their products and prove that independent operators give great advice and offer competitive prices. It didn't take long before the company grew and gained an additional 15 members in 1961. Later on, it had members joining in from Queensland, Newcastle, and different parts. Woolworth attempted to acquire the company but felt it was too complex for acquisition. So instead, Metacash bought 50.1% of Mitre 10 with an injection of $55 million. By 2012, Metacash completed its Mitre 10, becoming its subsidiary. Today, Mitre 10 has more than 16,500 employees and 360 stores nationwide.

Mitre10 - Promotions

Mitre 10 is a broad brand that offers different products solutions for building and home improvement. As a result, we have different catalogues for you to choose from. Each catalogue represents an aspect and is filled with different brands. We offer great deals on the sales of our products with different discounts, promos, and bonuses. We also have a point system which rewards loyal customers.

Mitre10 - News

Mitre 10 offers free delivery for items above $100 and below 40kg. We have also developed a guide to help you navigate through our catalogue and catalogues to choose the best products that are perfect for you. You can also access free products on your favourite brands, such as Makita, DeWalt, Hikoki, and many other top brands from Mitre 10.

Mitre10 - More information

At Mitre, we have an amazing customer service support system concerned about satisfying our customers. We are ready to listen to you over the phone and when you walk into our stores. Furthermore, we have a team of experts such as paint experts, interior designers, and a host of other professionals that can advise you on the best product to choose depending on your peculiarity. In addition, you could sign up for our newsletter to have access to amazing offers and more information.

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