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Check the current Priceline Pharmacy online Weekly Catalogue and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Catalogue!

This week's best offers:

  • RIMMEL LONDON Stay Matte Pressed Powder 1 ea only $11.95
  • ARIANA GRANDE God is a Woman EDP 30 mL only $49.00
  • CALVIN KLEIN Euphoria Intense EDP 100 mL only $95.00
  • GUESS Effect EDT 100 mL only $49.00
  • CALVIN KLEIN DEFY EDT 100 mL only $89.00
  • DR BROWN'S Wide-Neck Baby Feeding Bottle 150ml 1 ea only $13.95
  • AVEENO Baby Dermexa Moisturising Body Wash 236 mL only $16.99
  • JOHNSON'S Baby Conditioning Shampoo 500 mL only $10.00
  • BABY U Baby Wipes Fragrance Free 240 Wipes only $10.99
  • RITE AID Nursing Pads 40 Pack only $7.49
  • EGO Aqium Hand Sanitiser Refill 375 mL only $6.99

and many more.

Now, you can find all weekly sales and catalogues in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Priceline Pharmacy Weekly Catalogue online.

Priceline Pharmacy Promotional catalogues

Promotional catalogues

Catalogue Priceline Pharmacy 06.07.2023 - 19.07.2023
Priceline Pharmacy
6 Jul, 2023 - 19 Jul, 2023
Catalogue Priceline Pharmacy 25.05.2023 - 31.05.2023
Priceline Pharmacy
25 May, 2023 - 31 May, 2023
Catalogue Priceline Pharmacy 11.05.2023 - 24.05.2023
Priceline Pharmacy
11 May, 2023 - 24 May, 2023
Catalogue Priceline Pharmacy 27.04.2023 - 10.05.2023
Priceline Pharmacy - Mother's Day 2023
27 Apr, 2023 - 10 May, 2023

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Priceline Pharmacy - Store

Priceline is an Australian beauty, health, and pharmaceutical store. Priceline is a store with a reputation for selling quality cosmetic products and drugs at great prices. The Priceline brand is divided into two stores; are the traditional Priceline and Pharmacy Priceline. The brand operates as a retail store, allowing us to pay keen attention to the customers' interests. With our headquarters situated in Victoria, Australia, we are firmly rooted to serve the Australian people with quality drugs and cosmetics. We boast of a skilled staff of more than 900 people across Australia trained to ensure you have an amazing experience while interacting with our brand.

Priceline Pharmacy - History

Priceline was founded in 1982. The store started as a beauty retailer, which opened up at a highpoint shopping center. By 2004, Australian pharmaceutical industries (API) purchased Priceline. However, API did much more than that, as they purchased New Price Retail Business, which controls the operation of Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Price Attack, and House. As a result, API has invested in crisis and price attack chains throughout 2007 to concentrate on its retailing strategy within the Price land Brand. By 2008, it had evolved and launched the brand positioning with a new identity, store format, and merchandise. By 2021 November, it had grown or not been fully integrated into the Australian pharmaceutical industries and formed the part of its sales to Wesfarmers.

Priceline Pharmacy - Promotions

Priceline has a loyalty system to reward its teeming customers and those who are loyal to the brand. The Priceline loyalty program has about 7 million club members, ranking it as the largest beauty and health retail loyalty program in Australia. Members of the program can earn points and are rewarded with discounts, promos, vouchers, and prizes. As a result of its amazing deals and exclusive offers, sister club members alone made up 40% of retail sales in 2009. Ultimately, the average club member seal is at least 30% more than a non-club customer. We also have an online store with many catalogues for you to choose from to enjoy amazing deals, offers, and promotions.

Priceline Pharmacy - News

Priceline is a beauty and health retailer for skincare, haircare, cosmetic, and healthcare products. The brand has more than 470 stores within Australia. According to the Australian business publication, Priceline was ranked as the 16th fastest growing franchise according to revenue in 2010. By 2019 its total sales for the year add Reason by 2.4% racking up a total of $2.2 billion.

Priceline Pharmacy - More information

Priceline has a broad list of catalogues that cut across different aspects of health and cosmetics. There is a catalogue for men, vitamins, nutrition, mother and baby, hair, vegan, makeup, amongst other categories. Besides having an excellent customer service support system, there is another catalogue for health services such as getting a flu shot and self-service health check. Amidst all of these, we have a viable home delivery system that helps you deliver items ordered through your phone, fax, or mail. You could also contact us and order through the Priceline app, which offers more options and a complete customer experience.

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