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  • Moringa Shower Gel only $4
  • Drops of Light™ Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel only $37
  • Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner only $19
  • Satsuma Hand Cream only $5
  • Twin-Ball Massager only $14
  • Vitamin E Cream Cleanser only $19
  • Arber Hair & Body Wash only $19
  • White Musk® Radical Fragrance Layering Topper only $20
  • Drops of Youth™ Youth Cream only $35
  • Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner only $19
  • Pink Grapefruit Soap only $5

 and many more.

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The Body shop, founded by Dane Anita Roddick, deals in cosmetics, skincare, and perfume. The body shop has grown rapidly over the years, and we still continue to grow. Due to our expansion, The Body Shop is now available in countries like Belgium, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. Our sole purpose is to fight for a more beautiful and fairer world.


The Body Shop was founded in 1796 in Brighton, England. Dane Anita Roddick first established the store with the intention of making a living for the family. With this aim in mind, the company was established, from there it continued to grow and over the years, we have become one of the most recognized stores in Australia and some other parts of the world.
The Body Shop started with 25 products and now offers a wide variety of products, up to 1000 products and about 3000 stores in over 65 countries.
Our various products vary from skincare, haircare, fragrances, cosmetics, face masks to body products.


In The Body Shop, we use natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly to keep our customers and the environment safe.
We bring new deals and offers to our customers. Reach out to our official website to shop, place your orders, learn more, and get updated on new releases.


The Body Shop is concerned about the convenience of the customer; we try to make our products affordable for all our customers, and we also offer some deals and bonuses that all stand to a chance to win. We offer student discounts, 20% NHS discount, and 25% for militants. We also offer free shipping on any purchase that is over $60. You’re allowed to use coupon cards to make payments on some of our products, and you can also win gift cards or purchase them; they also are accepted forms of payment.

More information

Either online or at any outlet, our customers are free to return products with original receipts within 45 days of purchase. You can also track your order. The Body Shop, with various stores around the world, is determined to bring satisfaction to the comfort of your home. Using our catalogue, you get access to our products with full details. You can learn more about The Body Shop from the official website. We are open to suggestions and love to receive feedback from our customers.

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