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This week's best offers:

  • Elden Ring Launch Edition only $109.99
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Deluxe Edition only $109.99
  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human only $99.99
  • Assassins Creed: Valhalla only $49.99
  • Pokemon - TCG - Sword and Shield: Fusion Strike Build & Battle Box only $42.99
  • Pokemon - TCG - Sword & Shield Evolving Skies Booster Pack only $7.99
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Deluxe Edition only $109.99
  • Pokemon - Lucario Pop! Vinyl Figure only $20.00
  • Horizon Forbidden West only $124.99
  • Ghosts: Tokyo only $99.99
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus only $79.99
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land only $99.99

 and many more.

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EB Games Promotional catalogues

Promotional catalogues

Catalogue EB Games 23.03.2023 - 05.04.2023
EB Games
23 Mar, 2023 - 5 Apr, 2023
Catalogue EB Games 08.03.2023 - 22.03.2023
EB Games
8 Mar, 2023 - 22 Mar, 2023
Catalogue EB Games 21.02.2023 - 07.03.2023
EB Games
21 Feb, 2023 - 7 Mar, 2023
Catalogue EB Games 07.02.2023 - 20.02.2023
EB Games
7 Feb, 2023 - 20 Feb, 2023

EB Games - Store

EB Games Australia has grown to be one of the largest video game and entertainment software retailers. We mainly sell video games, accessories for PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and consoles. We have over 300 stores all over Australia. In New Zealand, we have 40 plus EB games stores. The headquarter is located at Eagle Farm, Queensland. The people in our stores are passionate about different games and their accessories and are willing to share their knowledge to help you make the right choice

EB Games - History

An Australian-owned entertainment and video game retailer and a subsidiary of GameStop, EB Games, which was formerly known as Electronics Boutique was first opened in Australia in Westfield Shoppingtown Miranda, New South Wales on the 5th of July 1997. Later on, other stores were opened at Westfield Group Tuggerah, New South Wales, and Charlestown Square complex. Electronics Boutique started trading officially as EB Games in 2003 in order to differentiate itself from other larger multi-departmental electronic stores that had their video games in one department inside the home entertainment section. A division of EB Games known as Zing Pop Culture Australia was founded in May 2014, and it currently has over 80 stores nationwide. The Zing brand has well-known floor spaces in most EB Games stores. This encourages customers to buy an extra game or pop culture merchandise along with the games they purchased.

EB Games - Promotions

In 2011, EB World, a loyalty program, was founded. The program entails offering five reward levels that can be earned by collecting points known as ‘carrots’ when shopping at EB Games or Zing Pop Cultures stores. You can only get to level five by invitation alone, and the members are reviewed annually. It allows recipients of the levels to receive longer preorder holds, receipt-free shopping, and other benefits through continuous purchase. The program has 5 million users as of 2017, but in December of 2019, the EB World membership has exceeded 6 million members. After the launch of EB World, we have released quite a number of limited editions of EB World membership cards as gifts to celebrate certain occasions. EB cards are usually released for the celebration of the inaugural year of EB World. Apart from the loyalty programs, there are other basic promotions that regular customers can take advantage of; go through the website to find some amazing deals that you may love.

EB Games - News

In 2011, EB Games started the EB Games Expo that was held on the Gold Coast. The Expo was a way to allow attendees to play and experience new and upcoming games. It also hosted a variety of international and local publisher and developer teams, who perform presentations to the attendees advertising their upcoming game releases.

EB Games - More information

Our owners have made games their top priority without the noise of other products overshadowing it, and that is why games lovers highly appreciate us. We know how to provide our customers with value by ensuring that they get everything they want anytime they visit. Visit our website and check out the products we have in stock along with their prices.

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